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  • 1X32 Fiber Optic PLC Splitter ABS Module 2.0Mm
  • 12core MTP/MPO-LC Multimode OM4 4.5mm Pink Breakout Cables
  • 24Core LC/UPC Multimode OM4 Fiber Optic Patch Cable Assembly
  • FDB-0216A Fiber Splitter Splice Box
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The most advanced imported polishing equipment and testing instruments enable our products have super quality, such as Senko polishing machine, interferometer, automatic cleaning machine and OTDR ,JGR and so on.  All of our optical products are RoHS compliant and Spring also obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. Our high quality products and outstanding service win the customer from all the world, Spring Optic is looking forward to cooperate with you.  Springoptic is a global supplier of comprehensive fiber optics products.  We pride ourselves on offering extremely competitive prices, superior-quality, rapid response which set us apart.

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Shenzhen Spring Optical Communication Co.,Ltd is a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced fiber optic passive products,mainly offer fiber optic indoor and outdoor cable, waterproof jumper, MPO/MTP trunk patch cables , standard fiber optic patch cords and PLC Splitter,fiber adapters ,fiber attenuators,and terminal boxes.


Optical Distribution Network (ODN) is an indispensable path for transmitting Passive Optical Network (PON) data and directly affects the performance, reliability, and scalability of a PON system. The ODN, an integral part of the PON system, resides as the physical path for optical transmission
MPO Fiber Optic Solutions MPO is a high-density, space saving optical fiber connection which has been designed to maximise space and provide high bandwidth links. The plug-and-play system is pre-measured and pre-terminated at the factory.
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